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Translation Services

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We are a team of three highly qualified Brazilian translators/editors, based in Luxembourg and Brazil, specialised in translation/edition of eBooks from English to Brazilian Portuguese.

Having dedicated translators and writers who are native speakers makes a huge difference in the quality of your content, as we are familiar with the nuances of the language your material needs to be translated in.

Content marketing in foreign languages can be the key to reaching a much larger audience.

For example, we see from the Internet World Stats that Portuguese is the 5th most used language in the Web, accounting for 4,3% of the users in the world.

Out of the 121,779,703 internet users who speak Portuguese, over 109,000,000 are from Brazil!


Even though English is widely spoken as a second language across the world, studies have shown that people overwhelmingly prefer to browse the web in their mother tongue and approximately 85% feel
reluctant to make purchases without information in their native language.

Why us?

Most authors struggle to find qualified translators and  proofreaders.

LuxVA provides you with a complete package: translation + proofreading, thus simplifying your life.

All you have to do is send us your manuscript and, a few weeks later, we deliver your final product – translated and proofread!

Looking forward to working with you,