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LuxVA – Stop doing Admin, Double your Productivity 

Welcome to LuxVA Lounge

Successful business people all over the world recognise that growth, achievement and results are directly proportional to their ability to focus on those actions and activities that generate the greatest value to their clients.

For them, professional freelancers are a dream come true…



At LuxVA we understand these principles and how precious your time is.

We are committed to offer you the services of a range of professionals who will not only assist you and your team with administrative, routine tasks, but enable you to become highly productive, more organised and even more profitable.


What can you outsource to our freelancers?

Any task you would ask a secretary, personal assistant, bookkeeper, translator, event organiser or concierge to do!

In fact anything that deflects you and your team from adding value to your company and to your clients.

And the best part is: YOU determine how long they will provide the services for, thus keeping a firm grip on your budget.

You are an extraordinary professional – and deserve extraordinary support.

For more information please contact candida@luxva.lu or call +352 691 787 000